Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Canada Day July 2012 in Coquitlam, BC (Free Cupcakes)

This year, we decided to go to Coquitlam for Canada Day celebrations.

I have heard that they were are holding a well organized celebration around a lake park area near Coquitlam Town Centre.
Indeed, it was well planned and had entertainment for the whole family!

They had lots of food including restaurant vendors and kids play areas.
Here are pictures of some wild birds from a preservation society:

Coquitlam eagle
coquitlam owl
They also had lots and lots of free Canada Day cupcakes donated by a local cupcake company:
Free cupcakes for everyone in coquitlam bc canada
We waited around for 10 minutes with 40 other people and when it opens up around noon.
We all got our free cupcakes!!
lots of free cupcakes in canada day celebration 2012
Here is a close up photo for the free Canada Day cupcake:
canada day cupcake 2012
My kids love this company's cupcakes! 

Mr. Mike's 5 dollar burger
The local restaurant, Mr. Mike's, actually sold a big 5 dollar burger that was wonderful!!
It tastes like a 15 dollar burger and beats lots of other restaurant and fastfood chains' burgers.
It was amazing!! yummy!!

We also tried the Russian House Restaurant's Mushroom Wrap.
It was okay.  However, the food was over priced with the wraps going at 4 dollars....

We also got coupons from a local kids' company called "Koko's".

Overall, the weather wasn't the best but we will go back for more celebrations till the kids are big.

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