Saturday, July 7, 2012

Product Review: Trader Joe's Dessert: Gone Bananas!

I love Trader Joe's, and I looooove their desserts.
Their desserts and cakes are usually reasonable priced and well made.
(Just my opinion because it depends on your taste and the dessert item.)

Today, I found another new item in the frozen dessert section:  Gone Bananas!!

From the picture, you can see the box is very cute with a monkey and well designed! is only 2 dollars!!!!

After you take it out of the box....

The chocolate is crunchy and tasty.
After you take a bite, the cold fresh banana filling will come out.
The sweetness of the banana is just right and it melts in your mouth!

For 2 dollars, I would buy it again and eat it with my kids!

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