Saturday, July 7, 2012

Product Review: Pink Coach Wallet

We bought a pink Coach wallet during our trip to Seattle last week.

The color is bright pink with the new Coach's "C" design imprinted on the leather.

It has a bright, fashionable look that you can't go wrong with it.
(Unless you prefer the classic patterns)

Pink Coach Wallet 2012
The format of this pink Coach wallet is a standard double fold wallet:

Pink Coach wallet 2012 inside look
 Here is a inside look of the wallet.  You can fit as many cards as you desire.
(Well, convenient if you have lots of membership cards but will make wallet bulkier.)

You can fit at least 14 membership cards and credit cards into the slots.
Also, it has 3 separate compartments for bills or receipts for people who utilize them.
It is handy also when you want to separate the types of currency you hold while travelling.

Pink Coach wallet 2012 inside look 2

In the middle, there is also a section for coins.
It makes it very convenient during shopping because you can take out all the bills and coins at once.

I think this kind of wallet is handy for all ladies who carry medium size handbags.
It keeps every financial item organized and easily accessible.

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