Sunday, July 15, 2012

Product Review: Country Oven Onion Hamburger Buns

The large economy of the United States allows it to have all kind of selections for all products.
Not only for clothing and cheese, but also for bread and hamburger buns.

Here is the Country Oven Onion Hamburger Buns I bought last weekend:

Country Oven Onion Hamburger Buns
It does have tastes and scents of onions. 
With cheese and beef patty, it can be a great tasting, unique burger to enjoy.
Here is a picture for the burgers my wife made:

Country Oven Onion Hamburger
The best thing is that the supermarkets have good deals for the loaves.
For example, two loaves for 4 dollars.

It is hard to get deals of the same choices in Canada.
In the states, you have different kinds of bread such as potato bread, rye bread, butter milk bread.
We only have white bread and grain breads....not much selections.

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