Saturday, July 21, 2012

Silver Lake in Everett, Washington, USA

I forgot to post the pictures of my last trip to Washington State.
We went to Silver Lake Park.
I was surprised at the sand beach and the nice large children's playground!
Silver Lake Park Everett June 2012
The water is amazingly crystal clear:
Silver Lake Park water clear
This is different than the lakes around Vancouver.  The water is so clear.
I don't mean that Vancouver water is dirty...but the lake here is unusually clean.

Silver Lake Park playground
The playground is quite large with apparatus for both older kids and young kids.
silver lake kids ride

It also has two seater rides....not sure what this is...dolphin??

Overall, it was not busy because it was a week day I guess.
We had a lot of fun here.  I wanted to check other beaches out because they have a lot of nature and beaches in Washington State.

However, the kids were grumpy, so we did not go further.
sigh....sometimes, they grow up too fast, sometimes, they don't grow up fast enough.

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