Saturday, August 4, 2012

Seattle: Uwajimaya

We went to Uwajimaya in downtown Seattle last time when we visited.

We also wanted to buy some magazines from the Kinokuniya bookstore inside the market.
The address was actually wrong for my GPS....actually, it was so confused that we went round and round....

For 30 minutes, we did not know where we were going.
At the end, we managed to find it at a corner of its Chinatown.
I really don't think it is easy for tourists to find.

Uwajimaya Seattle downtown
Uwajimaya Seattle 2
Because of the larger Japanese population in Seattle.  The range of Japanese products sold here is much larger than what we have in British Columbia.  We were quite impressed by it.

I found this one item sold very interesting:  Rabbits....
I know that Japanese monks were allowed to eat rabbits in ancient times. 
I didn't know there was an appetite for rabbits here.
Interesting indeed....

We bought lots of food items back to B.C. Canada. go all the way here to buy food....

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