Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Lego Store Vancouver 1

Lego opened a new Lego store in Vancouver store this year, the first in west coast Canada.

I often wondered, would people pay regular price to buy things in Lego Store instead of discount retailer?
The answer:  Yes, they do....and lots of people have money.  (including the super rich.)

A grandpa was looking into the window (the picture below) of two european building sets.
He was with two grand daughters.  He was saying to the grand daughters, "Okay, this one and this one.  Five hundred dollars?  Okay, we'll get it."  (nodding to the shopkeeper).
Lego European building sets.

I guess rich grandparents would spend the money these day and age.
Lots of other parents are buying sets after sets for their kids as well.
The store does sell sets that you don't often find outside:
london tower bridge lego
Things like London Tower Bridge and the Architecture series:
Lego architecture series

Lego Maersk trucks train
Lego mini figures
Lego super hero series
Lego princess series
They have so many kinds of series nowdays to cater to all age and all types of adults and kids.
One day, I will try to get some architecture sets because they look very impressive.

I will write more about the Lego store trip.

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