Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Son's 5th Birthday Gifts: Mario Kart Bed Set

My son became 5 years old this August. 
Boy....where did my life go? So fast...

He looooves Super Mario, so we gave him the whole Mario Kart bedset.
He completes his room with mario figures, plush, poster, tissue box, turtle shells, blankets, cover, pillow...etc.
The whole package!!

He was really happy to get his customized bedroom for his birthday!!
(man...I wish I had that when I was young.  All these merchandizes were not there.)

Anyways, here is the Thomas the Train cake we ordered from Price Smart:
My son's 5 year old birthday cake and food
It is a nice cake considering the cake from Costco, Superstore and Safeway are absolutely disgusting and full with sugar.
The cream they use here are better and we get to choose the design!

My wife made a lot of wonderful dishes for him as usual!!

He enjoyed his birthday!
(so good to be a kid...well, as an is just very hard to enjoy birthdays for some reason. Not sure why.)

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