Thursday, August 23, 2012

Restaurant: Sang Thai & Vietnamese Restaurant (Port Coquitlam)

We went to this place because I got a deal from Living Social.

This restaurant locates in a Port Coquitlam strip mall beside a major road intersection.
However, this restaurant could be hard to find because it is at the outside corner.
(maybe that is why they need to promote it because people don't notice it.)

It is a quiet restaurant with nice Thai style decorations.
The food they sell actually is Chinese, Thai plus Vietnamese.
(I should find the interior photos...)

Here is the fried rice we ordered:

Fried rice sang thai port coquitlam
The fried rice was very nice. 
They actually hired a girl playing traditional chinese instrument.
It was wonderful but I felt bad because no one was there on a friday night.

pad thai sang thai port coquitlam
Next, the Pad Thai.  It was not hot.
It was lacking some kind of taste and wasn't the best pad thai I have tried...
I would not recommend their pad thai.

The spring roll was pretty good I gotta say.
Because I paid regular price, I have to say, while not cheap, the portion is reasonable.

I would recommend this place if you live near Port Coquitlam, BC if you just want some simple things to enjoy.

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