Monday, August 20, 2012

Vancouver Lego Store Part 3: Stuff As Much As You Can

The Lego Store also sells parts and blocks for people who wants to build for fun at home.
It is perfect for us because we don't have too much pieces at home!

You can stuff a small plastic can for 12 dollars or a big can for 20 dollars (I think...)

I chose the smaller can and we tried, very creatively, to stuff as much in the can as possible.
We stayed there for more than an hour doing it but other people took only 10 minutes or less.
I guess money is not an issue because it is "only" 12 dollars.  Boy....we must be poor or people have money.

Wait!  Most families do have more money than us!  What am I talking about!
Where is my career path?

Anyways, here is our can:
can of lego all you can stuff
It was full...very full....
lots of special parts we could use.....

things we made after lego store
We also got a good deal on a lego keychain.  It was only 2.50 dollars....amazing.
Lego pirate keychain!
It was an interesting experience and we will drop by again for their monthly events!!

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